Life After ICD-10-CM…What’s the Next Big Thing?

The conversion to ICD-10-CM, which finally happened on October 1, 2015, dominated the coding and compliance industry for the past three years. While diagnosis coding represents the justification for medical services and procedures, it is just one part of the coding process.

No matter how good your ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding is, it won’t matter if you are not using the most current CPT coding resources. There are hundreds of new, revised and deleted CPT codes every year. Medical services and procedures are paid based on the procedure code, not the diagnosis code. Yet many providers chose not to update procedure coding references during the period that the ICD-10 implementation was delayed.

Using current CPT (procedure) and ICD-10-CM (diagnosis) codes protects your reimbursement and also reduces the potential for audit liability.  Using expired codes results in claim delays, denials and may result in your patients having to pay more in out of pocket costs.

Don’t put your practice at risk. Make sure you are using all of the current codes.



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